Archetype: Abasi

Archetype: Abasi

The sonic possibilities of Archetype: Abasi are as vast and genuine as the artist who inspired it.


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True innovation is extremely rare.

It requires courage and creativity to be genuine. Tosin spectacularly embodies this rare combination of traits.

His seamless incorporation of unusual techniques, monstrous creativity, and unforeseen technical proficiency have made him one of the most distinct and iconic guitarists of our generation.

Distilling Tosin’s sonic vision into a single plugin has been an incredible challenge, but the results are as spectacular and unique as the artist who inspired it.

We proudly present you, Archetype: Abasi.

Pre Effects

Pathos is a lead channel in pedal form: it can provide additional attack to the higher gain heads, as well as being an additional high gain channel when stacked with the clean amplifier. Logos is Tosin’s secret weapon: a special compressor that adds punch and size to his unique thump technique.


At the core of Archetype: Abasi are three unique amplifiers meticulously designed from the ground up with Tosin to cover the entire sonic range his versatile and unique music requires.

The effects and cabsim modules perfectly complement and expand the possibilities of the virtual amplifiers, making it a powerful and inspiring tool for guitarists looking to craft their own voice.


Its innovative Blend control combines a traditional tube sound with a piezo-like voicing for multidimensional layers.


With an unusually vast dynamic range, this virtual amplifier is capable of colossal high-gain, while retaining tightness.


Featuring a built-in booster pushing the virtual tube stages to enormous high gain with incredible attack, rich harmonics, and endless sustain.


Ideal for detailed spectral adjustments, the 9-band graphic EQ allows for total control over the amps’ frequency response.

Time Effects

Multi-dimensional reverb and versatile digital delay pedals designed for dreamy ambient sounds and engulfing depth for leads.


Featuring over 70 impulse responses captured by Adam “Nolly” Getgood, this cabsim section provides ultra-realistic depth and detail, with seamless multi-microphone positioning that perfectly matches the amplifiers’ character.


The Standalone feature in Archetype: Abasi allows you to quickly install, plug and play this versatile plugin suite!

System Requirements

  • The Archetype: Abasi comes in 64-bit VST / VST3 / AU / AAX / Standalone.

  • Latest OS Compatibility for Windows & Mac, including Native Apple Silicon.

  • For more information about system requirements visit our support page.

  • Free iLok License Manager and iLok account needed.

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